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Where Small Businesses Thrive

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You wear all the hats.  You fight the algorithm.  You bury yourself in to-do's.

 Wouldn't it be nice if you could spend your time doing what you love

Consumers are READY to support small businesses 

but they want to know why you do what you do & who you are

. . .  after all, that’s when consumers become brand ambassadors 

It's Time to Think Like the Consumer!

Embrace the new consumer's need to connect:


to your purpose

to new exciting products

to experiences

to their network & community

You've Never Seen An App Like This Before

We are boldly going where no one has gone before, connecting real people  

& keeping profits inside communities

Local'tude will match you to your perfect customer by inspiring them to

CONNECT to YOU...the passion behind the brand.

        & once they’ve fallen in love with you, we’ll inspire them to 'swipe' to purchase

                                                                                          Let us help you tell your story.


Connect Cards

Real People Behind the Brand
Shows What You Stand for 
Tells Your Brand Story
Connects You To Customers
There's a reason you're killing yourself to be seen - advertising will never, ever favor you as a small business -  CONNECT instead! 
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Man's Best Friends

Every time I think I've figured out how to reach new customers, everything changes!  I'm tired of trudging through social media & just want to spend my time doing what I love!

Three Opportunities to Connect

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gives every small business

Feature Your Favorite Products
Stop the Scroll & Inspire 
Give an 'Experience' with Services
Spur of the Moment Purchases

Best Known For Feature

Restaurant Owner

I have an amazing product & services but I get beat out by big chains or Amazon all the time.  I don't know how to win or even be seen!


Value Added Offers

Reward Customers with An Offer
Offer Added Value - Not Discounts
Announce New Products & more!
Be a Part of the Buy Local Movement
Open for Business

I get visitors to my site and store but they don't buy!  I have tried everything but I don't know how to get them to purchase!

"I wish I had more time!"

"I really hate social media!"

"I keep running ads & nothing happens!"

"I just wish I could spend time doing what I love!"

"Advertising is so expensive"

"I don't really know how to find more customers?!"

"I do everything they tell me & get exactly nowhere"

"I just want a chance"

You Have to Take the First Step!!

Give customers a way to find you! 
Let us help you thrive doing what you love, without the struggle!

STOP letting some big corporation decide who you are ALLOWED to reach!



Sign up BY DECEMBER 1st to get the EARLY BIRD RATE


    ..... an incredible $40 for the WHOLE YEAR


Use Local'tude to...

Find Loyal Customers
Tell Your Brand Story
Thrive in Your Business
Emerge from the Shadows

No catch. 

We'll never take a percentage of your profits.  

No hidden fees.  Price locked in for life of your biz!

We know it’s going to take time to get your customers connected to the app, and because of that, to thank you for being an early supporter, we are discounting our rate from $140 to only $40. 

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